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Winamp has just added a NEW Ogg Vorbis decoder.  Download it here!
The best ripper we've found, just drop files in!

To listen to or encode Ogg Vorbis files, you will have to download the appropriate plugin or encoder for your system.

Below are the new plugins and beta 2 encoder...

Free Ripper


The following plug-ins will add Ogg Vorbis playback to current media players. To install a plug-in, download it, then read the 'info' page for that plug-in.

For WinAmp

1. Left click to begin download

2. Choose option to open file, not save

3. Wait for file to finish

4. Click Yes to install plug-in

5. Follow installer directions

6. Start Winamp, press
CTRL and K, choose the
plug-in, click "Start" (Alt+S)

for - [ download ] - [ ]

for - [ ] - [ ]

for - [ ] - [ ]


An encoder will create Ogg Vorbis files (.ogg) out of wave format audio (.wav) or MP3 (.mp3) audio files. The encoders are command line tools and aren't yet fully featured. To use them, download the one appropriate for your platform, and then read the info page.

for Windows - [ ] - [ ]

for Linux x86 - [ ] - [ ]

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